Kamis, 09 Mei 2013


No Need tired and do not have to pay expensive to treat heart being abandoned by a lover's heart, laid off, or even accused of being jinxed,,
Hayuuu let's follow tips like the picture beside:

  • Reading Al-Quran and its meaning, usually exhausted or dawn prayer maghrib prayer, God willing heart will feel relieved, because indirectly we have poured our grievances against the Creator.
  • Enforcing the evening prayer, eiiitttss .. I do not mean .. yahh evening prayers, the tablets again if those tasty-delish bed kept us awake, yupss tahajjud prayer, quiet atmosphere makes us a bit quiet, and there never seemed problems.                                                                                                     
  • Gather with your friends or language jock hangout, but kumpulnya with friends who could membimbung you in religion, ordinary yahh spelled "Recitation", a story if you can not your problem but your shame stories yaa,, 
  • Fasting, well this might be the most difficult because in the era of globalization, many temptations facing, is the fasting that endeared it includes worship Allah SWT .. Sooo,, let's learn to resist the temptation to fasting.
  • And the last lot of dzikir, for mercy to God, self-correcting what is causing you like this.

Nahh,,, it's you tips to achieve a life without heartache ..

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